Alien Contacts

In the vast reaches of the universe, astronomers scour the stars for signs of life. One day, they might receive such a signal, a brief transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization. Then what?

Alien Contacts is likely to depend on how the contact is arranged, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of St Andrews argue that human society is ill-prepared for contact with aliens, and they have called for an international framework to be established to deal with the potential ramifications.

A framework could be created through the Breakthrough Initiatives, a philanthropic organization funded by billionaire Russian tech magnate Yuri Milner, the report notes. It would solicit ideas from around the world for a message to send to aliens and figure out how to send it. The effort, which would involve multiple countries, could launch next year.

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Another possible approach is a physical message encoded in an object, like an asteroid or comet. But this method requires the sender to have a powerful antenna, the size of Earth, to make sure their signal is received. Moreover, it may be difficult to convey a complex message over such a long distance.

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