Best Blenders

افضل انواع الخلاطات are often associated with smoothie making, but they’re also handy for making silky pureed soups and spreads like nut butter. If you need a blender that can handle hot ingredients, handles big jobs and is easy to clean, look for one with more than 10 speed settings. Then consider extra features such as a tamper and two-part lid, which help make the blender more versatile.

Sleek Design, Superior Performance: Best Blenders for Modern Kitchens

You can also find blenders that are designed for blending single-serve smoothies or to fit in a cup holder. They typically have a smaller capacity and less power than our best-performing full-size blenders, but they can be ideal for small kitchens or people who rarely use a blender.

The SMEG Retro-Style Blender (also known as the Sage Fresh and Furious in the UK) has a cool retro style and a simple, no-frills design that made it a top performer during our tests. It was able to chop and grind ice with ease, mix wet and dry ingredients and made a velvety smoothie. It was also the quickest blender we tested at making nut butter, taking just over a minute to achieve a clear, drippy texture.

The Vitamix Ascent series is a powerful and versatile blender with a variety of preset programs to tackle different recipes. It also has a 10-speed setting with a programmable timer, which helps you make smoothies and dips on-the-go. However, the price tag is double and triple that of other models in our ratings, and it’s very heavy.






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