Blackcurrant Vape Juice

Blackcurrant vape juice is a sweet and juicy fruit flavour with a tart edge. It’s often found in forest fruit medleys alongside other summer berries like strawberry, blueberry and raspberry and is often paired with cooling menthol for a refreshing vape experience. It’s also a great stand alone flavour.

EVR Blackcurrant is a UK made blackcurrant eliquid that delivers a harmonious balance of vapour production and intense flavour. It’s available in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio that makes it ideal for all-day vaping, especially with pod devices and tank systems.

Tart and Tangy: Exploring Blackcurrant Vape Juice

This eliquid from Fruito E-Liquids is similar to the blackcurrant squash flavour that you’ll remember as a kid, and it’s perfect for vapers who prefer a light nicotine hit. It’s available in 3mg or 6mg strengths and it has a sweet and tangy taste that will tantalise your taste buds.

Flavour West blackcurrant is an all-day vape that can be enjoyed by vapers with a wide range of taste preferences. It’s a multipurpose eliquid that can be used as a base to create other flavours, or it can be mixed with nic shots for more intensity.

The best blackcurrant vape juice is a well-blended blend that maximises the flavour of this juicy fruit. A popular choice is blackcurrant lemonade from Nasty Juice, which combines the sweet juices of blackcurrants with the sharp zesty taste of lemonade. There are also shortfalls available, such as Berserker Blood Axe’s 200ml blackcurrant menthol, which is a great option for those who want a high-VG vape liquid that can be tailored with nic shots for a higher nicotine strength.






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