Hiring Japanese Knotweed Specialists

Japanese knotweed specialists is an invasive plant, that poses a significant threat to the built environment as it can break through cracks and weak spots in concrete, tarmac and paving. It is also extremely damaging to the natural environment as it out-competes native plants and, once established in a site, can damage biodiversity, and increase flooding risks due to the dense canopy it forms.

It is a difficult plant to remove from land and, without specialist knowledge or the right tools, it can be very dangerous to try and tackle by hand. For this reason, we recommend hiring a Japanese knotweed removal specialist to carry out a survey and treatment plan that provides an insurance backed guarantee to ensure it is completely eradicated for good.

Navigating Japanese Knotweed Specialists: Finding the Right Expert for You

A professional, reputable firm will have public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover, ideally up to PS5m and have years of experience tackling this problematic weed. They should be able to provide risk assessment reports that meet the requirements of RICS, Local Authorities and mortgage lenders and offer an insurance-backed guarantee to give clients peace of mind.

A firm that has an off-site facility for the secure disposal of knotweed will also be a benefit as it minimises the risk of spread to neighbouring properties or sites. Finally, it is important to hire a company that has a good track record of successfully treating and removing knotweed, as well as providing an accurate cost estimate for the work.






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