What Does a Legal Marketing Expert Do?

A legal marketing expert is a professional who has experience helping law firms grow their business. They should be able to demonstrate a track record of success in this area, with client testimonials and case studies that highlight their achievements.

What is the role of a legal marketing specialist?

They will be able to help their clients differentiate their law firm brand from the competition, reach more prospective clients online, and do so while adhering to strict ethical standards. They may also be able to create a social media strategy that helps clients feel comfortable reaching out to the firm, or they might be able to suggest changes to a website that will make it more user-friendly and SEO-optimized.

Some legal marketers might have additional job responsibilities such as reviewing all forms of marketing collateral, including press releases, websites, mobile applications, and social media content for compliance with trademarks, copyrights, rights of privacy/publicity, and intellectual property licenses. This can be a particularly important part of the role, as lawyers need to ensure that their marketing and advertising strategies do not violate attorney ethics rules or bar association guidelines.

Whether you want to hire a consultant or an agency, it is best to find someone who has extensive experience in the legal industry and marketing in general. It is also helpful to choose a company that has worked with other law firms before, as they will be able to provide a better understanding of how to market a law firm.






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