What’s a Good White Rum?

whats a good white rum

In the world of essential spirits, whats a good white rum doesn’t hold a candle to gin or bourbon. But it does play an important role in many classic cocktails, from the Daiquiri and Mojito to the simple Cuba Libre. And while you can certainly splurge on an aged sipping rum, you can also find good quality white rums on a budget.

White rum isn’t one of the more precise categories within the rum canon, as it can encompass anything from an unaged pot still rum that’s never even seen the inside of a barrel to an aged spirit that spends years in a barrel before undergoing filtration to remove its color. But the best ones all share a similar sweetness and balance, letting other ingredients in a cocktail stand out rather than drowning them out.

Fortunately, the number of quality, affordable white rums is on the rise, and there’s plenty to choose from. Here are our top picks, from new offerings to old favorites that can make any cocktail shine.

Bacardi Superior

This dependable Puerto Rican white rum is a go-to choice for those who prefer drinks with a lot of flavor, and it’s especially well suited to mixing up large batches of Mojitos or Pina Coladas for a crowd. This Bacardi Superior is light and crisp on the palate, with flavors of almonds and fruit, and a clean finish that won’t overpower other flavors in a cocktail.






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